Beth Simpson (Rolling Green Nurseries)

Beth Simpson – Rolling Green Nurseries - Greenland, New Hampshire


Political Orientation

Religious Orientation
Raised Congregational, probably more of a Unitarian now.

Job Tite/Role in Community
Marketing & Management @ Trained Shrub Buyer

I see my role as a supporter of the non-profits in town. We’re going back to farmers markets this year to do community supported marketing.

Talk about your relationship with your Local Independent community.
I joined Seacoast Local when I learned about it because it really spoke to our business. We’re very active in the Green industry which has a very strong independent movement and Seacoast Local spoke to that to me as well.

I’m a little bit outside of Portsmouth and I think its important that people remember we’re here. Being in Agriculture, I can’t be right in town so I thought it was a great match for us.

If your Local Indie community was an animal, what animal would it be and why?
I don’t know, but it would be a herding animal anyway. I don’t know, maybe a Deer because they herd on occasion and can go off on their own as well.

Which one Local Independent would you and your community miss the most if they were gone? Why?
It’s a toss up between indie food companies and indie bookstores. Its because they bring such a different spin than large corps to their type of business. One of them feeds your body, and the other one feeds your mind.

What’s one lesson you can share from your entrepreneurship and organizing?
I think its to be open to the possibilities that people come to you with from the community and assume nothing. You have to be open to what comes down the plank and explore it a little bit. Supporting all segments of the community….I think its embracing the community as a whole and not just ‘our segment’

What’s one message you’d like to share with anyone who might interact with this project?
I think its good to get outside (your business). I know I get stuck for long periods of time and I think its good when you can get out and see what other people are doing because you can get ideas on how you can build your business and make it better for the community from all different types of business.
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