Checking in from Denver

Well, I made it through Nebraska from Chicago to Denver, but man...just barely. By the time I was done I had driven over 1,000 miles in 14.5 hours, drank more red bulls than I'd care to disclose and killed about 18,000 moths with my windshield. By the time I got to the outskirts of Denver, I was peering through a small section of my windshield that was NOT covered in moth guts with eyes that had a hard time keeping things still...let's just say I'm glad I got in safe.

So we scrapped the program in Chicago because we're behind a bit in posting content (sorry, doing my best!) and because of the travel time. I got in at about 5:00 AM and crashed with my buddy Justin (aka Cacheflowe) who we'll hear from later. The conference starts Thursday, but today was all about meeting with a special group of people. This year, a group of leaders of Local First networks decided to form a Roundtable. Based on the Young Professionals League, we act as a support mechanism for each other by offering knowledge, resources and a safe place to be open about the challenges of our role. It's pretty awesome.

Tomorrow is Local First day...we'll be presenting the 10% Shift.  I hope to catch some of the national people while I'm here, like the Michael Schuman's and David Korten's of the world.  Let's hope so, as they are some of the thought and policy leaders behind this movement.

***Note:  YouTube has this thing about 10 minute videos....I still haven't found an easy/fast video editor to use so the interviews that went over 10 are still in queue to get posted....



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