Day 13 (Phoenix)

I was excited to get to Arizona.  As you know, they had some guy from their state just run for some office...he lost.  They're an independent type of state, but certainly with a conservative bent.  They also boast close to 2,000 members in Local First Arizona.  

A lot of times, people think this Movement is in place only on the left.  What I thought going in, and what I'm showing with the subjects that I've interviewed so far, is that it doesn't matter if you call yourself a liberal, a conservative, a moderate, an independent or an anarchist....when it comes to associating value to the Local Independent community, we can find common ground.

There are so many issues used to divide us against ourselves.  These set of issues, however, serve as a way to unite us.  And right about now, that's a really good thing. (as I wrote this I laughed at myself....when is uniting for a better world a bad thing exactly??? :)


The City

Phoenix had some interesting things going on that I knew little to nothing about:

--It's the 5th largest US City
--It's SPRAWLED out covering a ton of acreage
--It's a VERY "new" city....their oldest buildings are 50-60 years old, so it's lacking some of the history and ingrained culture one sees in east coast cities
--In fact, one common theme among the subjects was that Phoenix, for a long time, had no identity or culture as a city.  But things seem to be changing and residents are starting to identify themselves as being 'from' Phoenix, instead of their prior home/place they grew up.
--It's as hot as you know what...oh wait, I knew that

Here is an interview with Kimber Lanning, Director of Loacl First Arizona and owner of an indie music store (YAY!) called Stinkweeds.  If I had to describe Kimber, I'd first think of a Firecracker, and then realize that's not even let's call her Kimber Dynamite.


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