Jody Colley (Publisher - East Bay Express - Oakland/Berkeley)

I am not one to be effusive with praise....I value appreciation and offer it often, but rarely to I heap praise upon one individual to the point where I sound like I'm gushing. For many reasons, Jody is one of the few people it happens with. Why you ask??? Well, let's see:

--She bought a newspaper (A NEWSPAPER!) two years ago and turned an alternative news source back into an INDIE alternative news source (She talks in her interview about how the first thing they did was re-establish business relationships with local contractors and suppliers). And the business is performing well, by the way, especially in that industry.

--As you can hear in her interview, she thought of an idea about spending $100 of your budget @ Local Independents for the holiday one sunday night and within 3 weeks she had 80 markets running the piece.

--She was TOTALLY the spark that ignited the relationships I am now so happy to be fostering with Indie Media all around the country, specifically with my peeps @ the Weekly Dig.

--She has been the connector (I KEEP hearing that word throughout this project) that sparked new collaborations and dialogue between many community organizaitons all over the Bay Area.

--She kinda captures it all...she's a business owner, she's in media, she's an organizer, I even saw photographs of hers that make me think she's an artist....and now she's totally and completely embarrassed :D

So with no further ado...


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