When you really need it, it will be there

As I start Day 5, I think that the process is finally coming together. These first four days have yielded incredibly moving and inspirational stories from our subjects, and we may FINALLY be able to show you their videos.

All for a Reason
A long time ago, if someone told me that things were pre-destined or happening as part of a plan, I'd laugh. The last 18 months of my life, however, have led me to do a 180. Things continue to happen that just shouldn't happen. And the fact that I'm writing this on the THIRD Shift-Puter (laptop if you're slow) of this trip, is absolutely ridiculous. What's more, listen to how it came to me:

At the end of Day 4 in Grand Rapids, I made yet another attempt to solve the technology problems that have been holding back the presentation. I called a member of Local First in Grand Rapids and Garry Glass of Microvision was there to help.

"What's the issue" he said....I explained. "Where are you?"...here's where I am. "You're not far, come on by". When I got there, Garry put Shift-Puter Part Deux on the examining table...and within 5 minutes had some bad news for me. "This computer is never going to be able to process the videos.....But you know, I have an old laptop I just retired that I'm not using, if you ship it back I'll lend it to you."

Obviously overjoyed, I asked Garry if I could compensate him or pay him. His response will stay with me for the rest of the trip, and the rest of my life: "No way man, this is Local First....we're all in this together"

Throughout this trip I've tried to give widely. I'm sharing local chocolate and art, giving and selling photographs and passing out $2 bills to almost everyone I'm interacting with....and when my time of need reached a pinnacle, the trip responded with exactly what I needed.

At the end, this whole tech experience happened for a reason. It helped me figure out my process (I wish I had a tech assistant) so later in the trip I can deliver these interviews to you more effectively. And now I'm composing this post on Shift-Puter III (insert funny sequel pun here), and am currently loading videos to the YouTube Channel, confident that while, there will be obstacles in this story...those obstacles are meant to be overcome and this story is meant to be told.

Today is the longest drive in the trip: 1000 miles and 15 hours to Denver...and I go through Nebraska (supposedly a right of passage)....



  1. David Day says

    Dude. Nebraska is BRUTAL. longest, flattest, straightest stretch of road in the world. Use those Red Bulls!

    jG says

    Voorn, Kode 9, DJ Cutler and some Chicago and Grand Rapids mixes will get me through

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