...and the story begins.  Welcome to Shift Across America, an attempt at modern storytelling and movement building.  Over the next 3 weeks, we'll travel across America together to spread the word about the 10% Shift (find out about the Shift here) and collect and tell the stories of how communities across the country are creating equitable and sustainable local economies.

Along the way, I'll will stop in over 20 cities between Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA to meet with politicians and leaders of the local business, publishing, art and music scenes, hear what's happening in their communities and talk about how 10% Shift is redefining economic paradigms, starting in New England. These interviews and stories will be documented here on the Shift Across America blog, Facebook, and Twitter, where we hope to be joined vicariously by those who hear--and become part of--the the story.

The grassroots movement to reform and reshape our economies is well underway and by documenting it, we hope to offer encouragement, inspiration, and hope for the future.

Shift happens...


  1. Anonymous says

    Apparently, I was thinking about Portuguese Man o' War :) That's the animal I'd say our local community here is.

    Here's why:
    "[Portuguese Man o'War] are commonly but erroneously thought of and referred to as a jellyfish. In fact, a Portuguese Man O' War is not a single animal, but rather a siphonophore – a colony of four kinds of minute, highly modified individuals, which are specialized polyps and medusoids.[1] Each such zooid in these pelagic colonial hydroids or hydrozoans has a high degree of specialization and, although structurally similar to other solitary animals, are all attached to each other and physiologically integrated rather than living independently. Such zooids are specialised to such an extent that they lack the structures associated with other functions and are therefore dependent for survival on the others to do what the particular zooid cannot do by itself."

    Check out these links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Man_o'_War


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