This is the first in a series of interviews across the country.  The questions will remain the same, the answers....i guess we'll see.

Joe Grafton

-Political affiliation
Liberal and unafilliated

I believe in a higher power and that things happen for a reason



- Income (25k/yr chunks)

-Job/Title/Role in Community
Founding Director, Somerville Local First

-What is your relationship with the Local Indie Community
It's the place where I find the most interesting, unique, and beautiful things and people. It creates a sense of place and community that supports me in many ways.

-If your local indie community was an Animal, what would it be and why? (fun type question)’
I happen to think that Somerville and the Boston Metro is one of the most amazing communities in America, so the animal would have to be pretty awesome. I'm going with a Bonobo

-Which local biz would you and your community miss most if it were gone. Why?
I can't pick one of them, but i'd say as a group the indie cafe's in Somerville (True Grounds, Sherman Cafe, Diesel, Bloc 11 and others), mostly because they currently serve as my office and conference room :D

-What one piece of advice from your organizing can you share with the other people and organizations who will see this?
I'd say to always remain positive in your messaging and approach. By being for something, you can bring people together. Being against something can make you a target and only achieves, if anything, short-term stop-gap solutions.

-If you had a message to deliver to all the other organizations and people who are part of this movement, what would it be?
That its happening NOW. That the Shift in New England and other parts of the country is coming, and its a movement of movements unlike any other in history. That's the point of telling this show others what I think I see happening.
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