Day 7 (Denver)

So I'm a week in, I still can't figure out how to condense and edit videos effectively, I was supposed to get the debit card for my trip at the hotel by today (didn't happen) and the next two weeks are a really daunting task (this looked so much better on paper!). Not to mention I still haven't fully funded the project.


We, my friends, are onto something here. These stories of hope and inspiration that are being told and the heart-centered messages from the leaders around the country are powerful....and what people have been telling me is true: nobody is telling them. When we're done, I think that the body of work will speak for itself.

The movement is NOT coming, its HERE. We're winning on the ground level in communities rich and poor. And we will never go back to the way things least we hope not.

I'll try to post a more detailed update about today's events later, but here are the highlights so far:

---David Korten, Michael Shuman and Woody Tasch have all said they'd be willing to do an interview if we have the time. WOOOOOT!
---I also may be able to interview every founder of BALLE, which would be an amazing coup.
---I got to hear David Korten present today for the first time....awesome
---I heard about a Cooperative Business model, following Mondragon from the Basque Region of Spain, that is developing in Santa Fe.
---I interviewed Arthur, an entrepreneur and founding member of the Mile High Business Alliance (our host for the conference) and got to interact with their director....she's AWESOME!
---We had our network break out session with BALLE where they presented their strategic vision and we, as network leaders, offered feedback and direction.

***I'm now officially late for happy hour with some of the best and brightest....gotta run. Tonight we'll interview Cacheflowe and check out the electronic music scene in Denver.


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