Day 8-11 (Leaving Denver and Getting to the Bay)

The last day of the BALLE conference was awash with energy. People really feel like this is our time, that the world is ready, open and already listening to our message of sustainability and equity. There are also growing pains. As organizations grow, more and more personalities become involved, more egos, more feelings.

If anything were to prevent us from success, it will be these growing pains and interpersonal challenges. However, I am hopeful of, and committed to, these being challenges and not failure modes.

What was great about the last day was that I got to speak to some nationally known thought leaders. Below you will find clips from Michael Shuman, Woody Tasch and David Korten. These brilliant minds have helped us frame our issues, think about our potential solutions and offer hope through their words and wisdom.


Let me also say that these rides are a little tougher than I thought they'd be. Not having a co-pilot and doing all the driving leaves my eyes kinda bugged out by the last hour almost every time.

To Salt Lake:
I left Denver after we delivered our final presentation on the 10% Shift. People were energized, excited and looking for ways to participate. I have faith that this program will soon spread nationwide! I hit a bunch of thunderstorms on the way from Denver to Salt Lake...symbolic of all the energy that surrounded this conference. As I said in my presentation: We are winning...and we will win!

In Salt Lake, there was a whole row of chain hotels, and being slightly unorganized (as I have been on this trip unfortunately) I didn't have reservations ahead of time. So I drove around looking for a local option. Let's just say that I'm glad I didn't get bed bugs from my choice!

To Oakland/San Francisco:
This was probably my favorite ride so far. In one day, I saw the Salt Flats, a Dust Devil and the tree and snow lined Nevada/California mountains...awesome. What was NOT awesome is what I saw after I got in to Cali and got out of the mountains. As I told the friends I met here in the Bay, after the mountains all I saw were "Cars, Highways, Sprawl and Smog". Sorry California, but until I got to the Bay it looks like you need the most change of any state I have seen.

I'm off to do laundry (its piled up at this point), continue to post content throughout th eday and then check out San Fran with some friends.


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