The Shift is Coming, The Shift is Coming

I've got 10 minutes to write this while waiting for a couple of my interview subjects in Mystic, so pardon the rushed nature of the writing. Also, we're way behind on posting updates, but I hope to have New Orleans and a surprise guest up tonight.

Ok, so maybe it's self-aggrandizing to compare what we're doing to Paul Revere's ride, but I think the parallels are there. He rode long distances proclaiming a message to his fellow brothers and sisters. His was a message of readiness: prepare yourselves, the enemy is here.

Ours is also a message of preparedness, but this time we speak not of Redcoats and War...this time you should be ready for positive and transformative change. That's the message I'm taking back to my brothers and sisters in New England. That what I have seen is the most remarkable and hopeful story, beyond even my expectations.

I don't know what will create that long sought after tipping point for this movement. Maybe its the Local Works study, maybe the 10% Shift, maybe Shift Across America or something someone hasn't even thought of yet. But I believe, in my heart of hearts, that it WILL come and WILL happen.

This week, GM filed for Bankruptcy and we took another collective mental hit. But the way I see it...every time we hear about what failed or what did not work, we (collectively) strengthen our resolve to find something better, something that will work.

Local economies, sustainable and equitable communities....they work. The Shift is coming, it's just a matter of time.



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