Talk about full circle...and I'm not even done yet!

I'm starting to get the sense that this 'ride through New England' is going to bring many things full circle.

I'm currently on the way from Providence to Manchester Center, VT and needed a place to stop along the way that was local and served good local food and route takes me through Worcester and......wait a second, I know a place!!! So here I am @ Armsby Abbey @ again....drinking local beer, ordering a second choice cuz the Jerk Sandwich was too popular and the farm season is changing (I went with the Roast Beef sandwich and it rocks).

I'm so happy to be back in New England (and away from the 700+ mile trips). And I'm also so happy to be able to report back to the entrepreneurs and organizers here....that we're winning. I just told an analogy off the cuff to the owners of the Abbey (Alex & Sherry...remember Sherry?) that our movement is like a pine forest....the needles keep collecting and growing and connecting...and then one day a program or project or initiative will be a spark., whether it be the 10% Shift, or Shift Across America or something that has yet to be conceived....and it will ignite, and there will be no going back to the way things were.

And right about now, that sounds like a pretty awesome thing to me.

More content comin' when I get to Vermont


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